ATTENTION LEGISLATORS: What part of ‘NO!’ Don’t You Understand?

The Agriculture Committee has been told that this work session  will be designed to discuss how they are going to process the  forestry bills, whether they will work them together, or one  at a time, or come up with a committee bill. Insiders say they  strongly suspect they will be urged to come out with a committee  bill, but that would be a terrible idea. We need to urge them not to.

Keep in mind that people on that  Ag Committee such as Rep. Volenik and Rep. Shiah will continue  to be the conduits for the Green agenda. When- ever forestry  bills are on the table, the room is filled with paid lobbyists  representing Green Groups. The real working Maine has to be there  as well, in spite of the fact that we’re not paid to be there,  otherwise the committee may get out of touch with reality. They  have to be reminded of the “NO” vote and what  it meant. Otherwise, they might think that Audubon and NRCM and  the Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club et al are the reality.

Beyond some funding for the enforcement  and educational parts of The Forest Practices Act, plus support  of the Snow-Mello bill, the message is “do nothing”,  that was NOT a give-us-more- big-government vote last November.  The Snow-Mello bill requiring a search warrant is something which  should have been a part of the FPA from the beginning and we  view this as simply a housekeeping bill to reflect what is already  guaranteed under the Maine Constitution.

This doesn’t give anyone much  time. I found out about this work session late this afternoon  from someone who had just happened to call to see if a work session  had been scheduled for any time in the future. The notices the  committee were supposed to send out have not made it yet to the  mail boxes of those of us who asked to be notified.

You may want to print out and  save the following list: The phone number of the Agriculture  Committee is 287-1312. Call and have others call the Agriculture  Committee Members throughout this session. We cannot rest. Members  of the Committee are the following:
Senator Marge Kilkelly of Wiscasset  (Senate Chair of the Committee) (Home Ph. 882-5410) Email:
Senator Judy Paradis of Frenchville  (Home Ph. 728-4854) Email:
Senator Leo Kieffer of Caribou  (Home Ph. 493-3190) Email:

House Members on the Committee:
Rep. George Bunker (House Chair  of the Committee) (Home Ph. 796-2876) No email
Rep. Roland Samson of Jay (Home  Ph. 645-2620) No email
Rep. David Shiah of Bowdoinham  (Home Ph. 666-5902) Email:
Rep. Paul Volenik of Brooklin  (Home Ph. 359-2106) Email:
Rep. Sharon Libby Jones of Greenville  (Home Ph. 695-2604) Email:
Rep. Linda Rogers McKee of Wayne  (Home Ph. 685-4385) Email:
Rep. Ruel Cross of Dover-Foxcroft  (Home Ph. 564-7781) No Email
Rep. Edward Dexter of Kingfield  (Home Ph. 265-4571) No email
Rep. Walter Gooley of Farmington  (Home Ph. 778-2368) Email:
Rep. Priscilla Lane of Enfield  (Home Ph. 732-4783) Email:

All House members may be contacted  by calling 1-800-423-2900 during session.
All Senate members may be contacted by calling 1-800-423-6900  during session.

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