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Northern New England is under siege by the forces of the Left on many, many fronts. They have infiltrated state governments and flex a subtle, omnipresent and increasingly oppressive influence over the daily lives of the citizens of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Over the last 26 years, one lone voice has steadily stood in vocal opposition to the mantra of bigger, more intrusive government. It is a voice of a grandmother from Garland, Maine who has taken on the giants from the Left and beaten them like no one else.

Twenty four years ago, Mary Adams took on the left-leaning educational establishment and through her grass roots “Freedom Fighters” successfully repealed Maines unconstitutional statewide property tax and prevented the state from usurping local control of public schools in Maine. Mary Adams is a Maine native, wife, mother and grandmother, who, following the repeal, was appointed to the Maine State Board of Education by Maine’s first independent Governor, James B. Longley. In 1978 she received the Rockefeller Award for Political Courage for her work in repealing the state property tax.

In both 1996 and 1997, Mary Adams and her “Common Sense” grass roots effort defeated the $8 million campaign backed by environmentalists to expand the regulation of private forest land in Maine. Do these battles sound familiar? They should. Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire are all at this very moment embroiled in school funding and forestry battles that could change the life in this part of New England.

During the American Revolution, consistent, insightful information designed to inspire and motivate the American people and soldiers, played a decisive role in the eventual undoing of the enemy- England the richest and most powerful country in the world at the time. The writings of Thomas Paine and Benjamin Franklin and others served keep everyone focused on the importance of the Revolutionary effort while consistently unmasking the true motives and actions of the enemy. Even though the Americans lost virtually every battle of the Revolution, they won the war because the won the peoples hearts and minds.

We have an enemy every bit as powerful as England was in 1776 and with Mary Adams and the Adams Report, we have the tools to undo them.

Kenneth Johnson, 1998


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