Act 60 Subject of Wall Street Journal Editorial

In a remarkably insightful editorial, Amity Shlaes of the WSJ editorial staff has written of the villains and heroes who are fighting out one of the first principles of the American way of life: local control and the right to govern ourselves.

If you subscribe to WSJ, it’s on the editorial page. If you don’t, it’s at your news stands. It begins with author John Irving’s “You’re Marxists” quote, and is followed up with meaty quotes of Jeff Wennberg, Mary Barrosse, John McClaughry, Fred Schwacke.

Although this is deja vu for us here in Maine, we salute your brilliant efforts and brave spirits in fighting this attack on your way of life. Your state press has been slow to identify the real issue of centralized control, but you are fortunate that the New England staff and the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal has not only recognized but translated and reported the Vermont story. It has, in effect, become your home town paper on this crucial issue. It is a national issue and the Wall Street Journal has recognized it and is reporting it as such.

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