‘People First’ vs. ‘Earth First’ in Lincoln, Maine

This photo gallery captures the events and emotions when Earth First came into the blue-collar paper town of Lincon.


Reminding everyone of the importance of the forest industry, Barbara French’s sign gets to the heart of the matter.


Representative Pat Lane speaks at the morning press Conference. Her district includes the town of Lincoln. At right is Jon Reisman, 2nd Congressional district candidate.


Alan Grover of Channel 5 catches the overview of the crowd as it gathered early this morning. 


Watching from among the crowd is Penobscot County Sheriff Ed Reynolds.  Nearly a dozen of his deputies were assigned to Lincoln for the event.


Doug Thomas attached yellow ribbons to his truck.  They weren’t new ribbons…Doug and his family had used them before when they lived in Washington State and the local economy was destroyed by the Spotted Owl.  Doug and his wife drove from Ripley to Lincoln to be in the truck parade. They know first hand what it’s like to lose a woods economy and they don’t want to see it happen again!  


Jim Freeman, of  Verona, Maine as he talks with Channel 5.  Freeman has been part of most or all of the Earth First! activities against businesses in the Northern New England area.  He heads the Maine office of Native Forest Network and is a member of Earth First! and Maine Greens.

Jeff Gifford knows the importance of the Lincoln Pulp & Paper Mill. . . He works there and is a member of the PPRC (Pulp & Paper Resource Council)

These activists dont like to identify themselves. If anyone knows any of their names, let us know 

Earth First!er or Sinbad the Sailor?  This is somebody’s son who has joined Earth First and was holding a give and take with onlookers in front of Lincoln District Court while waiting for Spurlock to emerge.
A deserted store on Main Street, filled with press and townspeople, was the site of the press conference at 8 a.m. Tuesday morning, arranged by businesswoman, Cheryl Russell.
Unknown Earth First!er. Please let us know if you recognize him.

“Sinbad” in front of the press. 
The parade of trucks began at quarter of eight Tuesday morning, sounding horns, bedecked with yellow ribbons.  They were met with cheers from the crowd gathered in front of Lincoln District Court.
Earth First!er Matthew D. Spurlock, 22, of Troy, Michigan enters the Lincoln District Court this morning for arraignment on a charge of disorderly conduct during an EF action staged at Lincoln Pulp & Paper on May 4th.  He is alleged to have struck a pick up truck of a mill employee who tried to pass through the mill gates.
Everyone got in the spirit of the “People First!” celebration in Lincoln this morning, including the pets!
Landry of Abbot, member of Unorganized Territories United, stops to chat with Sheriff Ed Reynolds.
Lincoln townspeople show their support for their pulp mill in colorful ways this morning, as they review the parade of pulp trucks passing along Main Street.
Cheryl Russell, organizer of the Lincoln rally.
Penobscot County Sheriff Ed Reynolds, here to support the townspeople of Lincoln and their local law enforcement,  talks with Robbie McKay who heads Unorganized Territories United.  At right is Gil McKay.  They live in Kingman, Maine.
Log trucks create a forestry parade as pulp trucks make their way down Lincoln’s main street this morning in celebration of their woods economy.  Young people holding “Honk if you support LP & P” brought a continuous series of honks from vehicles in response.  Said one observer:  “I swear, people are coming down Main Street just to honk their horn.”
Left to Right – Jim Longley of Portland, Bob Fiske- mayor of Old town, and Tom Crandall of Belfast. Jim is the GOP candidate for governor; Bob and Tom are Republican candidates for the Maine State Senate.

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