Small Town Says ‘NO!’ to Gangs of Green Radicals

Law-breaking radicals invaded the town’s major employer, Lincoln Pulp & Paper, twice this year (in February and May), and have indicated that they will return. On May 4th, 40 to 50 people claiming to be members of Earth First! and Native Forest Network, trespassed on mill property, climbed onto a tower and hung a banner, breached security around the mill, intimidated townspeople, and interrupted the normal work routine at Lincoln Pulp & Paper.

Townspeople want no more of it.

On Tuesday, June 16th, beginning at 7 a.m. until 8:30 a.m., citizens, civic leaders, business owners, and the Penobscot County Sheriff, will gather in front of the District Court House, 66 Main Street in Lincoln for a “People First! Pro-Community Rally.” The Penobscot County Sheriff will be attending in support of the townspeople and their local police force. The event is being coordinated by local Lincoln businesswoman Cheryl Russell. Logging truckers will be joining in to show industry support. On both Monday June 15 and Tuesday June 16, businesses and residents plan to show support for their community and Lincoln Pulp & Paper, their largest taxpayer and employer, by using yellow ribbons. Yellow ribbons will be hung on trees, cars, homes and businesses as a way of showing they will not tolerate illegal, disruptive behavior in their town.

Regardless of where you live, in or out of Maine, you can stand with the townspeople of Lincoln and Lincoln Pulp and Paper. Here’s how: Send your messages of support to Mary Adams, Editor of the Adams Report. The Adams Report will take part in the press conference and Mary will relay your messages to the townspeople of Lincoln. In a real sense, you’ll be there, because your remarks will be included in the press conference at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, June 16th. A complete report of the event will appear in the Adams Report next week.

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