Someone’s more than a ‘bit’ upset with Maine’s new #1 ranking

Perhaps congratulations were in order for Governor Baldacci and house Democrats. They’ve managed to make Maine Number One again: IN TAXATION. And Mary Adams has brought her ‘unbridled’ passion back to Augusta to respond.

But surely, the good governor and his fellow tax-and-spenders are more concerned about the current crisis facing Maine’s financial condition. Perhaps they’re readying a new proposal to drop $4 million to study the problem of why Maine’s taxes are highest, and another $8 million to encourage other states to raise their taxes. And surely such an initiative would require them to raise taxes to pay for it.

But all jesting aside, Mary Adams has ventured to Augusta to let her voice be heard yet again.

This time, punctuated with the visual aid of her pony’s bridle. In advocating the Maine Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, Mary told the Taxation committee, I have a little pony named Stormy who’s not particularly agreeable to going where the rider wants until we put this bit in her mouth and grab the reins — then Stormy behaves. State government is much like Stormy. It’ll get away with what it can until you put a bit in its mouth and give the reins to the people of Maine with the Taxpayer Bill of Rights. Maine people are ready! They want discipline and they mean business.”

Maine, rated worst in taxation three years in contrast to New Hampshire’s second lowest rating nationally, has reached a crossroads: Either reign in spending and the taxes that empower that or proceed to cripple the economy and opportunity it brings. Even our neighbor further south, once affectionately known at “Taxachusetts”, is in the top 20 of least taxed states (18 out of 50). What incentive does any expanding business have for coming to Maine?

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