State Democrats Vote Down Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR)

Most telling is this line from the Bangor Daily News story [ed. note: from April 2005, no longer online]:

“Sen. Joe Perry, D-Bangor, said he felt compelled to vote against the bill because it ‘tied the hands’ of the Legislature, which sometimes is forced to weigh creative solutions in confronting budget problems. “It slows down the process and requires us to put everything out for a vote,” he said. “It prevents us, in many ways, from doing our business here.”

Once again, liberals are more focussed on the inconvenience that tax accountability places on government rather than the burden it places on people. Next November, let’s remember to not only cast out vote for the Tax Payer Bill of Rights, but remember those who supported Maine Taxpayers… and those who didn’t.

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